Here’s #WhatsHappening on Twitter in Vancouver

This week, I had the opportunity to join a dozen of top BC media and influencers for an evening of data and discussion on one of the planet’s largest social media platforms.

As some of you may know, I’m a big Twitter fan and advocate. Having used the platform for almost a decade, I strongly believe it’s one of the best online channels to drive conversations and build authentic relationships. When I’m teaching, however, I often lack Canada specific data. So it was great to get BC specific data and an outlook on the future from Twitter Canada’s own Managing Director, Rory Capern.

Here are some of my Key Takeaways:

How many people use Twitter in Canada?

12.6M Canadians use Twitter (as of January 2017), which represents 41% of the total Canadian digital audience. 

What makes Twitter really unique?

In a candid conversation, Rory mentioned that Twitter admittedly took some time in the past two years to redefine itself.

Twitter, like no other channel, allows you to know what’s happening around you, in real timeHence, the emerging popular #WhatsHappening hashtag and emoji.

Most mentioned hashtags in Tweets about Vancouver?

Vancouverites seem to be all about jobs and politics on Twitter.

@YVRAirport is Vancouver’s Most Followed Airport

Shout out to Chris who manages the YVR Airport Twitter account! As someone who has interacted with YVR Airport on several occasions, I also found them to be very personable and responsive.

What accounts do Vancouver Tweeters mention most?

So. Who should we follow in Vancouver?

This list was curated by the Twitter Canada team and would be particularly important if you’re building up a list of Vancouver Twitter influencers for your campaign. You can subscribe to this list if you wish to follow all of these accounts at once.

Would you consider add any accounts to this list?

What is the future of Twitter Moments?

You may have noticed more prominently the emergence of “Twitter Moments” in your Twitter feed. This content is curated by the Twitter team who is investing more heavily in Twitter Moments (and recently hired an internal team for that purpose).

If you want to create your own Twitter moment, it’s quick and simple using the Twitter instructions.

In addition to your ability to easily embed a Moment on your website (like below), I like to see Twitter Moment analytics in real time.

What’s the future of Twitter Video?

A staggering 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter. With Twitter’s recent announcement of  Digital Content NewFronts, 16 live streaming content deals across sports, news and entertainment, there’s no doubt that video will play a big part in Twitter’s growth.

You can see find the recap of this event with more insights on the official Twitter Canada blog.

Thanks again to Jennifer, and Cam from the Twitter Canada Team, for inviting me!

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#WhatsHappening Twitter Moment (Embed)