In the Media: Keep online complaints ‘specific and accurate’

Recently, the Supreme Court of British Columbia has awarded $100,000 to a wedding services firm after a disgruntled bride was judged to have defamed the company by posting a series of negative reviews about her experience.

In this The Vancouver Sun article, I weigh on best practices for consumers and businesses when it comes to online complains and reputation management. 

“I doubt these awards will scare people from complaining, but you should be cautious about putting your thoughts out there too quickly,” she said. “Make sure your complaint is specific and accurate. It’s easy to exaggerate when you are angry.”

Like many of you I’m sure, we have all been there; being dissatisfied with an experience and voicing it on social right away. In fact, customers tell nearly as many people about poor experiences, as positive experiences.

What are some of the things we have to keep in mind while complaining online? When is the last time you did it and why? Have your issues often been resolved or has the business been oblivious to it?