In the Media: Vancouver lawyer awarded $1 in lawsuit over negative online review

In a follow-up to the Vancouver Sun story where $100,000 was awarded to a wedding services firm, a Vancouver lawyer is awarded  $1 in damages after suing a former client for posting a negative review online. 

The Vancouver plaintiff law firm claimed that the negative review resulted in a loss of revenue.

They sued for $15,000 in damages but the judge only awarded them 1$ to “demonstrate disapproval of the plaintiffs’ actions.”

In a digital world where word of mouth such as social media and online reviews are one of the top trusted sources in the eyes of consumers as they research products and services, where does the balance between free expression and defamation lie?

Senior digital marketing strategist Wahiba Chair, who is also an instructor at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business, said this isn’t the first time an online review has led to a court case.


Consumers definitely know they have a bit of freedom in that space and if they’re not happy with the service they know they have an outlet, but there’s definitely a delicate balance, she said.


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