Elections BC 2017 General Elections Campaign.

Project Description

Increasing Voter Turnout Amongst Millennials 

This year, I had the opportunity to shape one of the most prominent and talked about Canadian Political Campaigns.

As part of my work with Elevator Strategy, I was the lead Social Media Strategist for the 2017 BC General Election Campaign.

While this was one of the most arduous projects I took part in, it was especially rewarding to see British Columbians young and old respond to our social media strategy and engagement efforts in real-time.

Take a look below at the case study which documents the strategy, tactics, and results.

Key Results 

By far, this was one of the most engaged Canadian provincial elections. Through owned, paid and earned channels, the social media campaign delivered: 

43.4M Potential Campaign Impressions

1.3M Media Views

33.4M #IVoteBC potential impressions

1M+ Engagements

98% Growth in Social Media Audience

This social media campaign was part an integrated BC wide media campaign, and contributed to a 67.61% increase in advance voter turnout since previous election (2013).


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