Growing BC Trucks Sales Using Influencers.

Project Description

Growing BC Truck Sales Using Niche Influencers 


Since 2015 and as part of my work with Elevator Strategy (Agency of Record), I had the opportunity develop the social strategy for Toyota’s regional account (Toyota BC).

In order to grow BC Truck sales and market share, I developed an influencer strategy and program with focus on key BC niche communities; e.g. mountain biking, kayaking etc.


In each community, we partnered up with extreme sports athletes and other influencers (who were existing Toyota owners) to grow engagement, purchase intent and ultimately sales.


This influencer program (in tandem with other programs) has allowed Toyota BC to develop a strong footprint in some key profitable BC wide Truck communities (overlooked by competitors). 


As a result, Toyota BC has experienced some of the highest Truck sales in history.


In 2016, the Toyota Tacoma experienced a 16.7% sales increase, which boosted its market share to 56.3% of small pick-ups (highest in Canada)


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