PR Strategy.

Project Description

They say you learn by doing, and the less you have, the more resourceful you need to be.

I learned a lot including powerful PR strategies and tactics by working on my start-up. As a female tech entrepreneur with a “Reality TV” stint, I was able to position myself as a media darling, and then evolve that story into my product.


With no funding, CarrotLines garnered major national and international media attention including on CNN, CBC, BNN, Global TV, Sonic Station, Radio Canada, Vancouver Sun, Tech Vibes, and the Epoch Times.

Through that experience, I also learned the art of building relationships, and the power authenticity and storytelling


Today, when I work with much larger brands, I’m always amazed at how little earned media they can often garner with much larger budgets.

“In a digital world where your customers are your best storytellers, authenticity is your best currency.”


CarrotLines on App Central with Amber Mac

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