UBC Digital Marketing Communications Interns

I receive regular requests from employers and recruiters to recommend digital and social media marketing resources. Vancouver is a tough market!

And so I thought I’d share this opportunity.

Students from the UBC Marketing Communications Accelerated Diploma Program need to complete an 8 week unpaid internship from March 6 to April 29, 2017.

This is a new intensive, four-month full-time program that combines classroom and online learning, a practicum, and a capstone project.

As one of the instructors, I have had the opportunity to get to know this great group of students who are eager to apply some of their newly acquired digital and social media marketing skills to your projects.

Curriculum covers topics such as:  Introduction to Digital Marketing Communication, User Acquisition and Engagement,  Measurement, Analytics and Insights, Planning the Customer Journey,  Digital Project Planning, Writing for Digital Communications, Marketing Technologies – Social Media Platforms and Tools, Marketing Technologies – CRM and Email, Design Tools, Pitching and Presenting.

You can also follow the program conversations on Twitter at #UBCDMC

Anyone interested should contact Wendy at  wendy(dot)ma(at)ubc(dot)ca to explore further.