#YVRSocial: Spotlight On Video Recap (with Slides)

According to a recent report by Wyzowl82% of businesses see video as an important part of their marketing strategy. So, no wonder this was another sold out #YVRSocial event.

#YVRSocial: Spotlight On Video. Credit Joel Spooner at https://joelspooner.com/

Our three speakers, Zain Meghji, Head of Video Content at Daily Hive, Karen Hopkins, Video Strategy Consultant at Good Story, and Adam Rootman, Head of Digital at Whitecaps FC walked us through video strategy, best practices, and best of all, case studies to bring it all to life.

#YVRSocial: Spotlight on Video at Unbounce. Credit Joel Spooner

If like me (and Iona), you just couldn’t keep up with the sheer of good information, or just missed the event, we got you covered:

There IS a Formula to a Successful Video…

While we can’t predict ‘virality’ per se, there are things you can do to maximize your video’s reach, and engagement, metrics. Drawing from his years of experience as a video director/producer, Zain passed on some of his “proven” secret sauce.

Zain from Daily Hive at YVRSocial Vancouver                                                       Zain Meghji at #YVRSocial. Credit Joel Spooner

You can view Zain’s deck below:

Don’t Make a Video for the Sake of Making a Video

Video strategy consultant, Karen Hopkins, urged us to take a step back by and think about WHY we’re making a video in the first place. What is the goal? Who is this video for? Once a solid strategy is in place, the tactical details can easily follow.

Karen Hopkins at YVRSocial Video Marketing, events, vancouver

                         Karen Hopkins at #YVRSocial. Credit Joel Spooner

Below, you can catch Karen’s slides:


Don’t Get Caught up in the Technical! 

Adam Rootman walked us through the Whitecaps FC video strategy with two unique award winning case studies. For the rest of us, Adam distilled learnings from 600+ videos/year into 3 key pillars we can all apply to our video strategy.

Adam Rootman from Whitecaps at YVRSocial, Social Media, Vancouver, Event

Adam Rootman at #YVRSocial. Credit Joel Spooner

Below you can view Adam’s slides:

And, it’s a Wrap!

After the presentations and Q&A, guests connected with each other and the speakers over Blenz coffee and treats.

#YVRSocial at Unbounce. Credit Joel Spooner

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This article was edited by Lumi Constantin, #YVRSocial Creative Director.

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