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Driving Qualified Leads to Toyota Dealers.

Project Description

Driving Qualified Leads to Toyota BC Dealers (Using Social)

A few years ago , I had the opportunity develop an integrated social strategy for Toyota’s regional account (Toyota BC). At the time, digital and social engagement were at their infancy.

When I started, there was very little social organic engagement. So a big focus was to humanize the brand, define the ecosystem and build relationships.

Then, I built this framework to identify key pillars of an integrated social media strategy.

social strategy toyota bc


Years later, this strategy remains a key pillar of the the brand’s digital engagement.

The above video features key results after implementation of this strategy from 2015 to 2016.

I had the pleasure of working with Wahiba with the work she did for the Toyota Dealers of British Columbia. The use of social media was in its infancy (by us) before Wahiba took charge and showed us her passion for all things social, how we can make a mark and leverage some of the things that we were already doing, as well as do new things to extend our reach and impact in a targeted manner. Her background helped us to better understand how to better engage our current and potential customers by speaking to them on their terms with what interests them. I constantly threw challenges at her to show more measurement of what was happening and she rose to the challenge to ensure that the directors understood why we did what we did and what it was achieving for us. Wahiba is not only knowledgeable but also passionate about her craft!

Tom Kuck
Tom Kuch, Zone Manager
Toyota Canada
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